The Death of

What? Wait a second. If design is dead, what are we supposed to do now?
The Death of  <br>Design. By Ross Patrick

PHOTO CREDIT: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

We live in a world of Click Funnels, Instagram designs and Canva created ads. Everything has been reduced to a handful of san serif fonts and pastel colors.

There really is only a handful of designs – or should I say “decorative motifs?” I mean, where is the concept? It’s all stock photography and stock icons. We’ve created a sea of sameness that is dragging the entire design world into a giant bland tailspin.

So, is this it? Throw in the towel. Sign up for 99 designs, Fivrr, Canva and Crello? I can drop a few more in here while I’m at it. Smashinglogo, Looka, Designcrowd, Tailorbrands, Graphicsprings. There, now I’ve thrown it all out there. You can get it for free. So go make your own logo. Get a web template. Use the AI copywriter. It’s over.


When I say “it’s over”, I meant that the templatized, brandless, free stuff is over. It’s coming to the end of its rope. It was cool for five minutes and now it’s turned everything into vanilla pudding. The consumer has glazed over and decided that design matters. It needs to be special. It needs to be emotional. It needs to have a concept. It needs to connect.

Design is not dead. In fact, it’s never been more alive than ever! Technology has opened up a whole new world to explore and design in the digital space of things like NFTs, Apps, mobile interfaces and websites. The traditional world is undergoing a post-pandemic brand refresh as well. Logos are being revamped. Packaging is getting updated. The same wake-up call that sent the world rushing into Home Depot and Lowe’s to fix up their homes has triggered a massive wave of brand renovation.


Okay, so we got over the “Made you look” death of design gag. Yeah, I still hate all of those fake and template driven solutions like Canva etc. But I’m trying to embrace the technology, the ease of use and the mobile culture we now live in. It seems like our phones have become permanently attached to us throughout the Pandemic. Mainly because we’re checking to see if the world is coming to an end. Twitter became more important. Youtube too. Don’t even get me started on my Tik Tok obsession.

So now that global digital behaviour has evolved and we are scanning menu QR codes at restaurants, let’s see how we can make design important in every aspect of our experiences. Wait, let’s back up for a second. QR codes? WTF? Didn’t those get forgotten back in 2009? They’re back! They are functional and could be a better way to spawn storytelling videos, maps, menus, virtual stores, product demos, explainer videos and so much more. QR codes!?!? Yes, they are back (for now).

Other cool tech that happened or exploded during lock down…
I had never used Drizzly before. Never had Whole Foods grocery before. Never bought Crypto on Robinhood before.


Let’s get it straight. Design is not just graphic design. It’s not just logos. It’s not just packaging, advertising, websites, shoes, fashion, stores, architecture, interiors and cars. Design is the experience. Design is the planning and executing of how we want consumers to experience a product (or brand).

Design is the story. The emotional warm fuzzy feeling. The ahh ha. The HOLY SHIT. The “I think I’ll share this on my social feeds because people need to see this. They need to feel it.”

So, in conclusion… 2020 was a shitty year of insanity but, we were able to see through it and realize that we can innovate and “design” ourselves out of this. We have fertile ground in front of us. As human beings, we’re masters at adapting, rethinking and reworking our world.


Design is not dead. 2021 will be the year to pull it all together and prove that we are not complacent hamsters in a cage (although it did feel like that for most of 2020). The call to action is being heard across the globe. Go forth and reinvent yourselves. Launch new ideas. New products and services. Use technology to amplify and extend the new you. C’mon marketers and inventors and trapped at home parents, students and next gen leaders. You have so much power and “stuff” trapped up there between your ears. Make shit happen. Open the flood gates. Release the hounds. Let’s get this party started.


Let’s usher in a new generation of creative thinkers. More diversity (seriously). More gender equality (please). And more inclusivity.

Every person has the potential to be a great innovator, and we need people from all backgrounds collaborating with one another to make this happen. It’s time to get creative! “Designing a Better World” is not just about design. It‘s also about how we live our lives, how we treat each other, and the legacy that we leave for future generations. We can all do something every day to make this world better.

So, design isn’t dead but it sure needs to get rolling. 2021 is well underway and we need to kick it into gear.

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Our team of designers, content creators, and AI experts will
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What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?

Great question. We believe that building a high quality brand starts with research, brand strategy and a solid marketing plan. Does the require a great logo. Yes. Sometimes we will utilize a client’s existing logo as it may have some equity already built up. other times, we are required to revamp a logo — or completely reinvent it. Having a great product and a website does not necessarily mean you have a brand. That’s why we prefer to craft the entire customer journey to build trust and engagement with your intended target audience.

How much will this cost me?

A basic kit starts at about $25,000. Most of our clients like to add on to our kits — making them cost more. The added value can be seen here on our price lists.

How long does this process usually take?

Our team is ready to go. We typically break each project into phases. Each phase can take 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the assignment. If you are in a huge hurry, we get that. We can review schedule options to prioritze the most impostant aspects of creating, launching and igniting your business. We require a 50% deposit prior to commencing the first phase.

I just need an ad campaign. Can you help me?

Yes we can. Let our team of seasoned professionals bring your brand to life with clever, engaging and provocotive ads that deliver customers to your website, store or event. Whether your campaign is running on Facebook or on network TV during the Superbowl, we can handle it.

My website needs to be revamped. Can you help me?

We invent and reinvent brands. Sometimes it’s not your brand that’s broken. It could be the product, the packaging, or the way it’s photographed and presented on your website. We have designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters and website experts to help you with any aspect of the business that is not delivering. This includes eCommerce technology and more.

How do I create a successful marketing roadmap?

Planning a successful brand launch can be dificult. Let’s start with your brand. We will create compelling brand elements that bring the whole story together. This will create lasting value for you and your customers. We have all of the tools necessary to get your brand noticed across many platforms. It doesn’t matter if you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, we can help.


Ross Patrick

Designer, Inventor,
Marketing Geek,
Founder Xtra Bold

Ross is an expert in design and brand integration across all touch points — from product design, to digital, mobile and experiential. He has worked with start-ups as well as many blue chip clients such as NIKE Air Jordan, GM, Microsoft, Bank of America, Starbucks and Amazon. Ross started his career at Nike and has held leadership positions at Capitol records, Deutsch LA, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Most recently, Ross was Executive Creative Director at DDW, a leading branding and marketing consultancy. Ross is a grad of Gonzaga University and The Art Center College of Design.



The core ingredient to building a successful brand — this is where we establish the vision, mission, values and purpose that define your company and your products.

Your brand strategy will become the filter through which you evaluate all of your decisions and opportunities. This vision will allow both your team and our team to set up the goals and strategies — guiding us to where we’ll focus our energy and resources.


Smarter marketing means better sales and bigger profits.


Now that we’ve established the strategic vision, we can craft a brand story.

Some people call it a manifesto. Either way, it’s the rally flag for your brand and it sets the voice and vibe for everything. A brand story grabs attention, elicits an emotion response, and creates engagement.

Also known as Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Mission/Vision/Values.

brand strategy

More accurate and authentic brand storytelling.


We have an amazing track record developing logos for some very iconic brands. There’s a reason why Nike, Amazon, Starbucks, MIcrosoft, Tesco and many more companies have chosen to work with our team.

Brand identities can take on many forms from symbols to wordmarks — they all function in unique ways and are the cornerstone of your business.

brand identity

We create unique and compelling brand identities.


A brand guide helps you understand your brand and how it works. It shows off the color palette, the typography and the way your logo can be used across a number of different platforms.

The brand guide is a great asset for creating consistent, on-brand content. Your brand style guide communicates your company’s design standards to your whole group.

Includes: Brand Tool-kit


brand style guide

Let’s call it a playbook. Way more fun.


In our basic kit, we included a simple, single page website that appeals to consumers for its ability to get a lot done in a small space.

Sure, you might need a bigger site, and we can accommodate a variety of requirements. Just know that your site will be orderly, easy to follow, tell a story and offer a clear understanding of what your brand/product is all about.

Add: eCommerce to any site.


Amaze your consumers with eye-catching and engaging design.


Creating a unique brand requires imagery that help tell the brand story. These could be illustrations. icons or photographs. They might be sourced from “stock” or from an illustrator or photographer that we feel is the appropriate talent to deliver the right kind of visuals for your website or campaign.

This may also include video and/or animation.


Engage your consumers with eye-catching visuals.


Microsoft estimates that there are about 30 million PowerPoint presentations created every single day.

Custom Powerpoint templates will allow you to rise about the mediocre presentation decks that leave investors or business partners confused or asleep.


Success comes from having the right tool for the right job.


People want to know “what it is” and “what it does”. Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service.

Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page.

These can also be used at trade shows, retail environments and in sales presentations. We have used them as TV spots too.



2021 sees online video viewing reach an all time high.


We’ve named many brands and products. We’ve done it for Amazon as well as Silicon Valley Start-ups.

The right name connects your audience to your brand. It can elevate and translate the “what it is” and “what it dooes” in a matter of seconds.

It can also be aspirational and allow your brand to grow and expand it’s products and services over time.


What’s in a name? Everything!


We create snackable content (formerly known as advertising). The world of advertising and content creation has changed forever.

The team at Xtra Bold has the experience to create game changing content. TV spots and videos need to be short, engaging and memorable. The new three second attention span has officially made everything obsolete. Unless of course it’s Xtra Bold.


Formerly known as advertising, content is the key.


We know how TO out-maneuver your competitors with strategies for effective competitive research, analysis, and enablement.

We analyze your data and provide recommendations on SEO, content marketing and advertising that can help you improve your online visibility in days. Our SEO optimization and artificial intelligence is second to none.

Proof: You found us. Right?


Pin-point accuracy and messaging means no guessing.


Sometimes business owners need someone with marketing expertise who is not in their organization to bounce ideas off of and ask questions without the risk of getting a completely self-serving answer.

Or your an entreprenuer who wears many hats and running the creative, marketing and advertising is just one too many hats.


Sometimes a good coach can make all the difference.


Additional services can be added to these packages. Contact us and let us know how you can get the right amount of friendly service and the right amount of awsomeness to launch your brand. It’s that easy!

Additional Servies:
Public Relations
Media Buying
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Public Relations,
Media Buying,
Events, Retail.

Additional services can be
added to these packages.

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